Help, I'm stuck on a level

We generally don't give advice on a level you maybe stuck on, because the challenge of the game is in solving the puzzle.  There is no correct way to solve a level, often there are multiple techniques you can use to solve a level.

If what you're trying doesn't work, try a different approach.

Another question we are frequently asked is if a level is "possible" to complete.  Every level has been tested and completed by multiple people prior to release, there are no impossible levels.

Here are some hints for specific levels:

  • Level 3: Hit the wheel with a bigger object (larger mass)
  • Level 16: Before the wheel descends, immediately draw a line left to right to lie under the wheel and on top of the lowest diamond.  Now before the wheel falls off, draw a small rectangle between the line you just created and the left hand platform it's resting on, so the wheel is on a level surface.  Create small rectangles between the wheel and the line it's resting on to elevate the wheel to the right and underneath the star.  Finally use the same technique to elevate to the same level as the star, and create a shape to push it left to the star.
  • Level 23: Navigate the wheel up to sit on top of the cab.  Then draw a line between the wheel and along the top of the cab edging it against the underside of the platform on the car transporter.  Now push the wheel along carefully until you can push it up and to the left on top of the platform, by inserting shapes in between the line you created and the wheel.  The rest should be easy
  • Level 24: Wedge a line between the duck head and the grass as the wheel enters the scene at the start of the level.  The wheel will then roll along the line and get stuck on the grass.  Now wedge a line between the star and the duck (and delete the original line).  This will cause the wheel to be next to the star.  Then delete the final line and you're done.
  • Level 29: The key to this level is to draw a thin line that just rests on the two ramps at the bottom of the screen.  It's important that this line is just long enough to rest on these points, if it's too long, it will be too high and you won't be able to get the wheel through.  You may need to balance the opposite end of this line as you add shapes and the wheel to the other end.  Now move the wheel to the right of the screen to get to the lower ramp, you will need to use a line to stop the wheel from falling off the screen.
  • Level 31: Immediately draw a line across the top of the orange box to catch all the wheels.  The line will then begin to fall to the right under the weight of the wheels, counteract this by adding shapes to the left hand side of the line until it balances.  Now, push a wheel to sit directly above the star (you may have to add weight again to keep the line balanced).  Now delete the line, and the wheel will fall into the box.

If you are still stuck after trying the above, you can contact us via our support for a cheat code.